Modernize Data Processing. Boost Carrier Connectivity.

Legacy systems create data silos, hindering the efficiency of data exchange across the insurance ecosystem. The fragmentation of carriers, distributors and administrators leads to lost revenue opportunities and missed opportunities to serve stakeholders, cross-sell and upsell. Slow processing times, data errors and manual processes prevent carrier business lines from maximizing insights on current policyholders and leads to frustrated customers.

At OneKonnect, we know there is a better way.

Customized Solutions. Simplified Workflows. Optimized Resources.

KonnectEdge simplifies and automates complex data processes, driving operational efficiency.
Accelerate your data understanding and response time while reallocating resources and manpower for business growth.

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Key Components

  • Universal intake for carrier
  • API enabler customized to any standard
  • Real time data exchange
  • Connect internal systems
  • Remove barriers of siloed data
  • Automate intake from different sources
  • Digital Journey for all processes

Enhance Data

Seamless Data

One Integration,
360 Connectivity

Identifying Missing
Data & Discrepancies

& Scalability


Enterprise Portal

Key Features

Universal Data Intake

Process data from any source

Seamless Data Exchange with Partners & Distributors

Standardize data for effortless communication and eliminate delays

Automated Workflows

Free up resources and reduce the risk of human error

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Gain valuable insights into data trends and a deeper understanding of the policyholders

Stakeholder Portal

Bring stakeholders closer to their data and give them access to status and other important operational data that create stronger partnerships.

A Trusted Partner to Your Success Customized to Meet Your Needs & Timeline

Deployable either on-premise or as a cloud-based solution at the edge of your enterprise infrastructure, KonnectEdge is

Modular &

Options to choose the specific customizable modules best suited to your goals


Dedicated implementation & support teams have you up and running within hours with ongoing support

Scalable &

Easily add functionality and customized modules as your business needs grow & stakeholder requests increase

Improve Bottom Line Performance & Drive Results

Reduce Costs

Easily market your products and Streamline operations, eliminate repetitive manual data entry and automate data workflows.

Improve Accuracy

Ensuring data integrity across your ecosystem and eliminate errors and inconsistencies.

Increase Agility

Respond to market shifts and customer needs with greater speed and efficiency.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Delivering a seamless, personalized service, empowering your team to build stronger relationships and increase customer retention, upsells and cross-sell opportunities.

Bring your complex data ecosystem into clarity and simplicity with a single cloud-based or private on-premises network.
We support the data movement that drives operational efficiency across carriers, employers, employees, brokers and other stakeholders.

Why OneKonnect?

with Confidence

A carriers silent partner, we leverage our deep industry expertise to deliver innovative data solutions to keep you ahead of the curve.

Long-Term Partnerships
for Shared Success

We build strong partnerships, driven by our ongoing support and collaboration to ensure mutual success.

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Strategic Goals

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