Overcome data complexities, manage regulatory requirements, and streamline your business processes & other custom needs by tapping into the nation’s leading US Benefits Automated Ecosystem. No job is too big or too complex.
Often PEO/ASO/MEP groups leverage various HR, Payroll and Benefit Administration platforms, creating large efforts, long hours, and a huge back office with admins to support the business complexities (often manually).
Today, OneKonnect is integrated with over 25 HR, Payroll and Benefits Administration and connected with over 600 carriers. OneKonnect can seamlessly aggregate data from the various platforms and transmit the data to various payroll and insurance providers – including 401K providers.

Data Aggregation

Connect any to any platforms & many to many sources

360 Connectivity

Receive feedback or confirmation on data sent

Carrier Connectivity

Leverage EDI or API technology

Billing Reconciliation

Receive feedback or confirmation on data sent

Open Enrollment

Automate & streamline Open Enrollment submission

Invoice Formatting

Generate & format invoices for any group in any system

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