Transform Your Benefits Ecosystem Into A Dynamic Proactive Growth Engine

OneKonnect’s Intelligent Benefits Portal connects more than 29 platforms, overseeing all transmitted data and providing real-time updates on life-changing events.

Leverage the Intelligent Benefits Portal to formulate hyper-personalized upsell and cross-sell messaging, targeted to relevant employees based on the intelligent matching criteria you set.

Save Time & Resources While Growing Your Top Line

Increase Sales Through Intelligent Matching

Easily market your products and services to both employers and their employees all year round. Leverage our Portal tools set subscriptions for various life event triggers to engage a new sale and set the intelligent matching tool to auto-match your products to employers and employee users.

Provide Automation to Employers

Easily market your products and services We are already integrated with over 29 HR & Benefit Administration platforms, and can process .CSV or .XLS files of group data to provide your employers with carrier connectivity through one of our many avenues.

Reduce Employer Time & Effort

Easily market your products and services Leverage OneKonnect’s carrier connectivity services and Billing Solutions to save employers over 40 hours a month in administration and over $4,000 in overspending.

Largest Benefits Ecosystem of Integrations

Easily market your products and services A single source connected to multiple platforms and hundreds of carriers & payroll providers, we offer services from initial loads, open enrollment management and ongoing group maintenance related to new hires, terminations & life events.

The Power Of Data

Micro-Segmentation Targeting

Leverage extensive data streams to identify high-potential employee segments based on life-changing events and pre-defined eligibility criteria.

Personalized Recommendations

Harness real-time insights to recommend relevant products and services directly to employees, ensuring alignment with individual needs.

Transparency & Collaboration

Keep carriers informed at every step, from recommendations to purchase completion, fostering trust and optimizing workflows.

Real World Results

Childbirth Triggers Life Insurance Upsell
(with Broker)

  1. Employee adds a newborn child in the portal.
  2. Marketplace identifies under-insured life policy based on your criteria.
  3. The Group’s broker receives a real-time "warm lead" alert and offers personalized guidance, maximizing value for both carrier and employee.
  4. Employee experiences a relevant and timely upsell offer, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.
  5. Carrier gains instant visibility into potential sale and completed transaction, optimizing the sales cycle.

Address Change Triggers Homeowners Insurance Cross-Sell
(with Broker)

  1. Employee updates address in the portal.
  2. Marketplace identifies potential homeowner/renter transition based on carrier data.
  3. Employee receives hyper-personalized recommendations for relevant insurance options within the platform.
  4. Employee can directly purchase the recommended product through convenient self- pay or payroll deduction,  increasing purchase completion rates.
  5. Carrier receives automatic notification of the potential sale and completed transaction, facilitating operational efficiency.

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