Advanced Automated Carrier Connectivity

For nearly two decades, OneKonnect has invested in, and innovated, the technology and relationships to bring clarity and simplicity to the complex world of benefits by building ONE network that supports the transactional needs that drive employers, employees, brokers, insurance companies and other stakeholders to getting enrollment data to the various parties accurately and timely.
Gone are the days when employers need to have 100 or more employees to gain access to automation or to connect to carriers. With our network of carriers, Onekonnect brings automation to all sized employer groups, no matter how small (or large), with not only EDI, but also API, Multi-Tenant files and 360 Integration.
You no longer need to worry about the number of employees in an employer group. Just submit the order to us and we will do the work of finding the right fit for each specific employer need.

KonnectMT Components Include:

OneKonnect’s Implementation Process has been proven nearly 20 years to be the most successful and reliable in the industry; once the connection has been moved to Production, all enrollment data (new hires, changes, terminations, etc.) are seamlessly communicated to the carrier automatically at the scheduled time set by the employer.
Enjoy the satisfaction of being able to login to our portal and see the progress and all communications for all your connections during implementation. You can easily see whose responsibility the current tasks lie with, what has been communicated–and at what time–with our drill-down capabilities.
Part of what makes our implementation different from other EDI companies’ is we request a census file from the carriers. This allows us to shrink the testing cycle with the carrier and synchronize the data. This is incredibly important in ensuring all enrollees maintain coverage and the terminated members are removed from the carrier’s system.
We provide a self-testing portal that allows the employer to login and reconcile the data between the two systems without having to review spreadsheets and make comparisons to an HR/Benefit Administration platform; therefore, reducing time, effort and frustration.

Once the connection has been moved to in Production, you have access to our Transmission Dashboard.

View which files successfully were sent

View failed files and reason why the file failed

Download the file sent to the carrier

View a snapshot of the employees & dependents sent in the file

Download the data file we received from the HR/Benefits Administration platform

Resend the file

Change the schedule of the production files

Send an on-demand file

and many more features

If you have any issues with a Production File, you can easily submit a support ticket, then track that ticket through our Ticketing Dashboard

View activities on ticket

See which tickets require your attention

The category of the tickets

Average ticket resolution time

and many more features

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Tap into the largest network of electronic files transmission to hundreds of benefits providers across the country with full-service support.

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Digital Forms

Extending automation and efficiencies to the small groups is a high priority at OneKonnect. We understand the limitations others’ current solutions provide:
  • High costs
  • Ineligibility due to group size
  • Complex user interfaces with too many unnecessary features
As part of our Small Group Solution, we have worked with hundreds of carriers and TPAs to establish our Library of hundreds of pre-built PDF forms connecting you to the largest network of benefits providers with focus on smaller employer groups.
For groups that do not qualify for EDI and for carriers that do not have the functionality for Multi-Tenant, we provide digitized Digital Forms.

Once your enrollment data is loaded in your HR/Benefits Administration platform, our system determines when a form is needed for a new hire, a terminated member or a member that has a life event change requiring an update to the carriers. The form is generated with the data pre-populated from what is already in your HR/Benefits Administration platform. From there, our solution offers several options on a workflow that can be customized for your needs and/or the carrier’s needs.

Review the forms before transmission to carrier

Send the forms to the employee to electronically sign

Bypass all review steps and transmit to the carrier immediately

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