KonnectEdge is OneKonnect’s Data Automation Platforms that can be deployed as an on-premise or Cloud-based at the Edge of an Enterprise to automate the intake, transformation and automation of data feeds in multiple structures and outputs multiple standards that fits the organization processing goals and objectives.
KonnectEdge eliminates the need for organizations to create intake “adapters” to facilitate the processing of data by intakes and thereby accelerating the processing and integration of in-coming data into existing systems.
KonnectEdge also facilitates the transmission of data outside of the enterprise by supporting multiple data standards and protocols.

KonnectEdge Components include:

KonnectEdge Portal is both; a client/partner and an internal enterprise portal.
The client/partner portal gives the organization’s stakeholder access to running processing, monitor progress, initiative new feed requests as well comprehensive reporting and analytics over all transactions.
The internal enterprise portal allows the organization to enable new intake requests, configure workflow, setup transmission schedules and monitor data flows in and out of the organization giving the organization full control over data intake and outtake.