Conducting EDI in-house is often cumbersome and complicated with huge overhead and personnel costs to maintain the maps & ensure the files stay on schedule. OneKonnect has become the nation’s largest EDI provider by constantly providing internal automation, standardization & enhancements to our client-facing portal.
With OneKonnect’s ecosystem & processes, we can provide HCMs & Benefits Administration carrier connectivity
(for groups of any size) at a fraction of the price they would pay to facilitate EDI in-house.


With connections in place since 2014, OneKonnect is the leading independent provider of EDI feeds


We process millions of transactions throughout the year


We manage thousands of file feeds on a weekly basis , with flexible scheduling based on customer needs.


Experts in the field we’ve worked with over 600 carriers nationwide

Typical Profile

  • Administers employee benefits in-house
  • 3+ carriers
  • Provides manual enrollment updates to carriers

Common Pain Points

  • Manual labor
  • Costs incurred for termed employees
  • Late processing of enrollments
  • Inaccuracy affecting employee experience


  • One integration to connect with most benefit providers
  • Automated file transmissions; no user intervention needed
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Secure data transfer through PGP encryption and authentication certificates

Catch Missed

Employees or Dependents may be denied coverage at point of service due to:

  • No carrier record of employee or dependent coverage
  • Recent coverage changes not processed by carrier

Plug Enrollment
Cost Leakages

Companies overpay premiums due to:

  • Enrollment errors due to multiple manual data entry points
  • Carrying terminated employees or ineligible members on plans due to reporting delays

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